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New Custom Built Shaft and Driveshaft Repair in Lorton, Virginia

Sometimes you want a car to do more than just get you from place to place. Finely tuned transmission, shafts, axles and driveshaft take you off road or get you ready for a drag race around the track. Get greater performance from your vehicle with professional repairs and rebuilds for transmission, shafts, axles and driveshaft from DriveLine Specialist. Our expert technicians specialize in keeping your high shafts, transmission, axles and driveshaft running at its best.
With over 25 years of repair and rebuild experience, you can count on our skill and depth of knowledge to solve any shafts, axles and driveshaft problems you may encounter. Our technicians have extensive knowledge for all makes and models of vehicles.


  • Full inspection of all rotating components, shaft straightness and shaft balance
  • Full repair and/or replacement of most foreign and domestic drive shafts assemblies including both aluminum and steel shafts
  • Full repair and/or replacement of large commercial truck shafts assemblies
  • Full services and repair of Agricultural PTO's, Steering Shafts, Universal Joint Tables, and Rotating Printing Assemblies
  • Design, precision fabrication and balancing of 4x4, race and extreme duty drive shafts made to your specifications
  • Full inspection and repair of foreign and domestic rear axle assemblies and all related components
  • Full inspection and repair of large commercial truck axle assemblies and related components
  • Work performed on premise by experienced technicians aimed at providing quality work and customer service
Trucks — Transmission Builds in Lorton, VA

Transmission Rebuild vs. Repair

Transmission repairs and rebuilds are a little different. Repairs will include replacing specific parts, but for more serious transmission problems, a full rebuild may be required. Rebuilds are more extensive and include a more thorough process.

Transmission Rebuild

  • Inspect for damage or cracks
  • Replace components that are damaged or don't meet factory standards
  • Replace clutch, seal and gasket
  • Disassemble and test transmission valve body
  • Clean and de-grease reusable internal components and transmission case
  • Replace torque converter
  • Reassemble and reinstall transmission
  • Fill to capacity with transmission fluid
Never wait if you suspect your transmission, dry shaft or differential is having trouble. Small problems quickly become big problems. Let the experts at DriveLine Specialist provide quality care for your car care needs
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